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Repair & Remediate

At Jeff Angel Septics & Construction, we install, service, and gaurantee the SludgeHammer septic system.  SludgeHammer, the most successful wastewater system in the world, rarely needs maintenance after installation. And, it’s guaranteed!

Our customers decide to call us for a consultation that they hope will be the beginning of the end for their septic problems.  Many feel that it is the best call they ever made.  Their problems were not small or easy to solve with conventional treatments.  The systems were in failure, and the Health Deparment even told them so.  News like that can mean building a costly mound system or move other option!  With the SludgeHammer, Jeff has brought "flat-lined" septics back to life.  No more problems, no more pumping.  He makes expert repairs to broken system components, and with a SludgeHammer install alone, there is minimal disburbance to your yard.

Developed by Dan Wickham, PhD, SludgeHammer has revolutionized the industry, providing an all natural, non-toxic, highly effective solution for onsite wastewater disposal.  Through a microbial generation process, this advanced bio-remediant restores septic drain fields that have failed.  Problems with dead, plugged, or dying septic fields are a thing of the past. Call today and see what a difference SludgeHammer can make with your septic problems!

How Does It Work?

In homes, the SludgeHammer is installed as a single unit directly into the septic tank.  The SludgeHammer aerates, circulates, and inoculates the entire tank using a fraction of the energy of most other systems.  Up to 33,000 gallons per day pass around, over, and through the 150 square feet of cuspated plastic where the colonies of waste-eating microbes attach and thrive.  

Organic wastes pass over the bacteria and are rapidly digested.  Digestion is so complete that the need to pump biosolids is reduced to the point of almost being eliminated.  

The EPA estimates that in 95% of disposal field failures, the cause is biomat clogging of the soil pores.  The agressive SludgeHammer Blend bacteria migrate into the leach field where they consume the biomat that clogs the soil.  As this opens up the fields, it further increases the efficiency of the entire system.  With the biomat gone, the soil pores are free to accept septic effluent again.  The disposal field is restored.  As long as the SludgeHammer is operated in the septic tank, the system cannot fail from biomat clogging of the soil pores.

There will be an immediate improvement in septic tank function.  Some systems require more time to improve disposal field performance than others.  Generally, we see an improvement within the first week.  We have always seen an improvement within two weeks.  Complete rejuvenation, to the point where the soil has returned to normal porosity, takes an average of two to three months.  This can change depending on the extent of the failure.

Why Is It Better?

Standard septic tanks release only partially clarified waste to the soil.  There it is processed by natural micro-organisms to purify it before it reaches the groundwater.  But soil can only do so much and the increased density of homes with septics poses an increasing threat to our precious water supplies.  The SludgeHammer converts septic tanks into powerful generators of teeming colonies of special bacteria that supplement the soil colony so nature can keep up with the load.  

  • Retrofits into any system or tank - new or old

  • Doesn't disturb your landscaping or disposal field

  • Eliminates odors

  • Can typically be installed, treating your septic liquids, in less than 4 hours

  • Is working biologically in 12 hours

  • Reduces the need for pumping

  • Protects environmentally sensitive areas

  • Costs pennies per day to operate, a 90% savings over most conventional systems​

How a Sludgehammer Works

Finally, septic waste has a natural enemy agressive enough to save your property from ruin.

Septic repairs and replacement disposal systems do not last.

You probably know plenty of people who shell out hundreds, even thousands of dollars, on a regular basis - just to have some pumping or digging machine temporarily alleviate the misery of backed up toilets and swampy yards.  

But coiled within the SludgeHammer are specially designed cuspated sheets where the new colonies of aerobic micro-organisms are constantly growing.  It is this never-ending process that dries out your yard and eliminated offensive odors.  

In weeks, your property will start to dry out and smell better.

The SludgeHammer is the microbe-generation device that makes your entire septic system self-cleaning.

Beautiful backyard with Sludgehammer
What happens if I sell my property?

A warranty is transferable to the new owners after we evaluate the change of usage that the septic system can expect.  A limited warranty may be issued.  If it is determined that no change in septic usage is expected, so long as the new owners continue the annual maintenance agreement, the warranty continues in effect for the life of the home.

Click here to read more about the warranty  

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