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BIOSOAK is made from natural ingredients and contains no harmful chemicals solvents or carcinogens.  It is 100% organic. The only byproducts from its cleaning action are water and carbon dioxide.

How to Use BIOSOAK

BioSoak, the end of the oil stain.


The oil-stained driveway and the oil-stained garage floor, the eyesore of the urban and suburban scene, will soon be a thing of the past.


The clean up and remediation of brown fields from oil that has been seeped from oil tank storage batteries for decades can now be history.

Studies Done with BIOSOAK

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Purchase BIOSOAK

Currently BIOSOAK is available as an absorber and digester. It is composed of beet pulp, polyacrylamide crystals, and our aerobic and anaerobic microbes that digest the oil absorbed by the beet pulp, a secondary food source for the digesting enzymes.


We offer sizes suitable for residential use, a 32 oz. package (2 pounds) which will treat up to nine (9) square feet of floor surface, and industrial sizes of 25 pound and 50 pound bags. The treatment area will vary with the quantity of oil spilled or size and age of the stain.

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