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About Biosoak


First of all, BIOSOAK is the fasted acting bio-digester available. In four to eight hours, even old oil-permeated concrete has been shown to be completely oil free! There is no oil left behind.

Secondly, BIOSOAK is 100% natural. No harmful petroleum based solvents or carcinogens to cause health problems for you or pollution to the environment. In fact, in landfills, BIOSOAK actually helps turn other harmful pollution and objectionable waste into compost.

The only by-products of the reaction between BIOSOAK and the oil it digests are carbon dioxide and water. In time, the oil and beet cellulose break down completely to organic compost.

It is simple to use. There are no physical precautions to take. No protective clothing or breathing apparatuses are necessary. Simply sprinkle BIOSOAK on the stained area is all that is necessary. In four to eight hours, the oil is gone.

Instead of disposal of the absorbed matter in accordance with state, Federal EPA or local regulations, BIOSOAK can be disposed of safely in the trash and put into a landfill with further beneficial results.


BIOSOAK can be used on driveway stains caused by the leaking of engine oil, grease, transmission fluid, and other petrochemicals…even the nasty solvents and degreasers previously used to try to remove driveway stains. These degreasers merely dilute the oil and grease driving them even deeper and dispersing them rather than actually getting them out of the concrete. BIOSOAK’s enzymes actually penetrate the concrete’s porous surface and digest all of the stain-causing contaminant.

Oil Fields

For oil field reclamation, BIOSOAK is a natural solution. This product is essential for remediation of oil spills, areas around wells that have become brown fields, and retaining ponds that have become the haven of the oil from leaking oil-storage batteries.


BIOSOAK is much less expensive than bentonite clay absorbers. It weighs less and doesn’t need to be excavated and transported to landfills specified for EPA approved disposal. It turns itself to compost right where it is!

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