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Don't Flush It Down the Drain

sink drain

Many homeowners don't know how to properly care for and maintain their septic system. Little mistakes can lead to costly repairs. To prevent field bed failure and to care for the bacteria that are so important in the function of your system, there are several items that should not be put down your drain or flushed down the toilet:

1. In Your Kitchen

Avoid putting food down the drain as much as possilbe, even with a garbage disposal. Grease and oil will add to the scum layer in your tank, and they do nothing to help your system's bacteria. Things like coffee grounds, meat, and scraps will just remain in the tank until it is pumped. If you must have a garbage disposal, splurge on a good model that grinds waste very fine.

2. Down the Toilet

Never flush anything down the toilet unless is was made by you or it's toilet paper! Solids such as flushable wipes, tampons, sanitary napkins, paper towels, dental floss, hair, cigarette butts, and other waste should only be put in a trash can.

3. Chemicals & Cleaners

Household cleaners and bleach are made to kill bacteria. While you don't want illness-causing bacteria in your home, your septic tank does need the proper bacteria to function properly, so use cleaning agents conservatively. Chemicals such as antibacterial soap, prescription medications, paint thinner, and pesticides don't only hurt your septic tank when put down the drain, but they can also pollute nearby groundwater. Contact your county offices to find local hazardous household waste disposal sites near you to properly dispose of these items.

Having troubles with your septic system? Then, give us a call so we can help! Jeff Angel Septics & Construction 812-838-2255

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