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Summer Septic Tips

Summer Septic Tips

Summer can put extra demands on your septic system. Kids are home from school which means more toilet flushing. Trips to the pool mean more laundry to do. Dry weather means increased water use to keep the lawn and plants looking green. This list will help your septic system survive the summer!

1. Spread out your laundry load. Doing several loads in one day can overwork your system. Try to spread your laundry duties out throughout the week to prevent overloading your drain field.

2. Don't put extra weight over your septic system. Thinking about putting in an above ground pool? Need extra room for parking your guests during a cookout? You should never place anything heavy over your septic system to prevent damage to the lines or stress to the tank.

3. Don't plant near your drain field. Plants should not grow near your underground pipes. Some trees and shrubs can cause damage with their strong roots when planted around septic tanks and drain fields.

Don't let septic issues ruin your summer fun! Call Jeff Angel Septics & Construction at 812-838-2255 with any of your septic questions or needs.

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