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Ada Black Lease

Structured Water Proposal



This proposal is to Warren American Oil company, offering a better strategy for moving produced oil, from the pumping well to the well tanks and to the brine injection recovery well, using ion structuring; Greenfield Naturals structured water Vortex unit. Installed into the existing 2 inch production line at well pumping unit, to gun barrel and to brine injection disposal well, and at the injection well pump.


1.      To put Warren American, ahead of the competition and on the “ cutting edge”

2.      To prove in the field, that the newest of microbiology suggesting that oil could be aided in formation under ground by            bacterial creation.

3.      That Structured water is an aid to bacterial activity, and could increase production.

4.      Step past chemical additives and reduce operation costs,with no repeat purchases.

5.      Use with chemicals and improve their effect and economy, more than 30%

6.      Release built up scale in line, using ionic structure.

7.      Surface release, of paraphines

8.      Inhibit salt corrosion

9.      Reduced chance of pipe line obstruction.


1.      By installing a water structure unit at the well, the ionization of the oil and salt water will alter its physical and macro              properties, the two being solubility and lipophilicity.

2.      Lipophilicity is reflected as the properties of the Oil.

3.      One solvent is water and the other in not ( but a non polar solvent ) octanal or oil.

4.      Depending on the Distribution Coefficient, lipophilicity is measured by how the flow line can move the oil and                         saltwater, even trans cellular level, of the oil.

5.      Pump life will be extended

6.      Down hole injection pressure will be lowered

7.      Injection strata will continue to be improved by the water structure and

8.      Improve Zone porosity

9.      Production goes up


The structure of the ionic levels of the produced oil gets treated , arriving at the gun barrel and will yield  a faster settlement and enhance the BS  separated along with the salt water, causing quicker drop out and will help improve  gauger  tests and less oil treatment. The saltwater is treated after leaving the separator and at injection pump. This method treats the whole well process.

The distance of the flow lines is the reason,  three units are recommended by the Greenfield Naturals company to do a saltwater total treatment.

Treatment alternative is also available if isolation of treatment of oil or saltwater is specifically desired.

Only cost is initial, purchase of the units and field installation.


I. Greenfieldnatural Unit Cost

II. Cost per unit $1395.00

III. Cost for in installation is dependent of where the splice for each 2 inch structured water unit is to be installed. Lower cost will be had if the units can be installed above ground, and insulated.

IV. Greenfield Naturals cannot project the expected life of a unit. In discussion with them they believe there may not be a wear out of the units, and will be durable for years.

V. Warranty of 7 years is given for each unit.

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