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Sludgehammer Oil Spill Remediation

The following is a presentation of images taken from an experimental oil spill clean-up in Posey County, Indiana in the dead of winter.

Tank Battery

View of Initial Spill

February 23, 2015

This image is representative of oil saturation throughout spill site.

Source of Spill A 210-barrel tank in Posey County, Indiana ruptured losing its entire contents with a substantial portion of the oil being lost over the firewall.

Wade Oil Spill View

Before and After Clean Up

April 3 and June 15, 2015

Oil Spill Compost Pile
Fourth "Turn"

June 15, 2015

Only about half of the surface area of the spill was composted. The remainder was sprayed with SludgeHammer blend bacteria emulsion over the course of 3 applications and one hand-raking. The site was machine-leveled at the close of treatment.

Wade Oil Spill Clean Up

View from tank battery. June 15, 2015

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